Aloha and Mahalo to the crew Studio 540 for the opportunity to design, collaborate and have a great time during this project // The roots of the "Open Mat” short came about through as #Studio540 is a “non-affiliated” school who has hosted many #JiuJitsu, #Judo, #Yoga and athletes from any background for seminars // Studio 540 and Moskova go way back even before the inception of the brands // We have always collaborated with different projects and crossed paths with the Studio 540 crew since 2010 as the Jiu Jitsu community is very small and connected. 

Studio 540 has an “Open Door" policy as does Moskova with “Open Aloha” // We just train, talk story, surf and treat each other with respect. 

Again … Thank you very much to the crew at Studio 540 (@zeps_industries @joeljitsu @jakebjitsu @aolsher50 @dre_jitsu @gorilla_hands @darrylch @johnennis) // Big shout out to Leon @heyleonmedia for the 🎥 edit & athletes @gerry_bear @danimalbjj631 

A small collection will released online on Wednesday 01.24.18 or head down to Studio 540 and pick up a pair … while you’re down there go train with the crew.